The more I listened to the audiobooks, the more I became impressed with the films. Of course, detail is missing from the films, some scenes are shorter, but overall, what was included is phenomenal. I could picture the films as I was listening to the audiobook with little deviation.

The Things I Missed from the Films:

Tom Bombadil – He was such an entertaining character. I wish he’d made an appearance in the films.

Characters Personalities – I feel like some characters changed quite a lot between the novels and the film. Gandalf’s sarcasm and wit was toned down a little, and so was Legolas’ light, nature-focused phrasing and behaviour. They should’ve just stuck with the books here.

Treebeard & the Ents – We learn so much more about them and hear more about what they did to Isengard. Honestly, Ents might be my favourite species out of all in LotR.

Things I Enjoyed about the Audiobook vs. The Films:

The lack of Frodo and Sam. It’s weird, but the ring bearer is the most boring part and character in this for me in the films. I don’t really care for him, but I’d do almost anything for Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. We learn even more about them in the books, and I adore them even more.

The narrator, Rob Inglis, did an amazing job. The voices he has for each character, and the singing! It’s just a masterful narration all round!

The Fellowship of the Ring is the first audiobook I ever listened to, and it was a fantastic place to start, because it’s made me like audiobooks!

What’s your favourite audiobook? Do you have any recommendations?

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